Peta Louize Sanderson

Feb, 7th. 1960 Marin County, Marin General Hospital.
In the Australian jungle by feral wildlife.

I discovered Art early. As a 4 year old, painting and color mixing were a welcome respite from the tropical chaos surrounding me. Art became a comforting island. We were adrift together in a turgid sea full of sweaty reproduction and bacteria ridden death.
Art saved my sanity.
Without it my life would have taken on the swollen, fly blown pallor of the beige of heart. I might have rotted silently away.
I did not.
I went to art school instead.

Seductive and strongly fecund.
A place in history I enjoy exploring.
Hope and potential joy.
Sexual happiness too.
Robust, they express what we want to be, clean, wholesome, forgiven and good.
I like apples.

~Peta Louize Sanderson

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